I love this song <3

Isn’t this just cute I was trying to do a stop motion off Perfect Two of Auburn.

When I’m 30 …

For English Class I have to make a assignment about When I’m 30 …
I think it would be awesome that things I wanna say are going to happen with

Brothers Nat & Alex Wolf have an all new album Black Sheep and a music video for the single, "Illuminated". Check out the video below and what they had to say about the indie pop track.

Nat Alex Premiere New Video for 'Illuminated' photo 1

Nat shared his thoughts on the song exclusively with Buzznet saying,

One of my favorite songs on the album. To me the song is inspired by the light and dark sides of life, the highs and lows, so we wanted a video that would reflect that. And its always fun to do a video with glow sticks and black lights.

You can pick up Nat & Alex’s new album here — and check them out on Facebook and Twitter

What do you think of the song? Will you try and catch them on the road?


Nat Alex Premiere New Video for 'Illuminated' photo 2Nat Alex Premiere New Video for 'Illuminated' photo 3

I’m crazy…

Me and Morgane (also bff) were chatting on facebook about PJ :)
She was asking me to tell PJ that I have a crush on him.
Then she kept asking and asking and asking.
That I just after 20 minutes said okay say it to him!
I think PJ is gonna avoiding me and stuff :p 

Why is my life so miserable? I just want some happiness to make my life complete.

Black Sheep <3 I want that album. My dad doesn’t won’t to buy the album but he want to download it but he doesn’t find it anywhere… :(

When I began red…

Today with Biology was so funny cuz i have the best teacher for that class he gives chemistry and fysics too. He was making couples for a project and the first couple was Jane (me) and PJ (my secret crush). My friends and I were like laughing hard and me head began red. Everybody was like Uuh?? Why are they laughing. And then it was Elke (a bff of me) and Quentin (The nerd of my class) and then further the couples making… We were making our project… PJ was asking me why did you became red and why were you and Elke laughing? I told him: Uh nothing it was something between me and Elke. He: You can tell it to me… Me: UUUH Noo…

(PJ is my crush cuz i think he’s really hot and i like him A LOT)

And then there was someone of my friends telling to me that I have to tell it to PJ that i have a crush on him. I was like NOOO? Then after school I texted that guy (not PJ) Why should i tell it to PJ. If I say it he would avoiding me and stuff. Is there something your holding something? He was: No? I don’t think so i don’t know you never know Me: Ah okay…

Is this intresting? No… :P I’m just writing something i don’t if I write it correct